Taking Medication for Depression Doesn’t Mean I’m Weak

The first week or so on Wellbutrin was a blur. We were in the process of moving from Louisiana to Texas, and I felt a little like I was on speed. Wellbutrin contains a stimulant, so it’s different from other antidepressants in that way. I found I couldn’t drink too much coffee or alcohol, because both brought on horrible side effects when combined with the medication. I was clenching my teeth and shaking my leg a lot more, but I also wasn’t coming straight home from work and crawling into bed or spending three hours in the bathtub crying, so I accepted the side effects. Eventually, I got used to it, and the effects lessened. It helped for a while. (more…)

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Tips to Travel with an Extremely Tight Budget

Travelling is something that many of us love to do with huge numbers of us hoping to explore new destinations and learn about different cultures. While travelling can be very exciting and a wonderful experience, it can also be quite costly and this is something that often hinders people from taking trips. If you are keen on travelling and want to explore the world, there are ways in which you can cut the cost of travel so that you get to enjoy more trips and to a wide range of destinations across the globe. A lot of people these days have to work on a tight budget when they are travelling but by taking the time to do this you will find that travelling is far more affordable. (more…)

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