All sewer repairmen aren’t bad, at least that is what some people say. Well Birmingham, Alabama is no exception to the rule. There can be sleazy sewer repair men there as well. This research article will show the average consumer the 5 reasons, if you are living in the Birmingham, Alabama area, to suspect a sleazy repair scam.

The Pipes in Your Home Are Constantly Backing Up Even After The Work Has Been Completed

When the repair man in Birmingham, Alabama comes to your area for sewer repair, he should be knowledgeable and dedicated to the repair at hand. The consumer living in the area can tell if it is a poor repair job/scam, by observing the drainage of your pipes at your home or office, after the job has been completed. A poor sewage system, leads to pipes in the home or office that back up constantly. This leaves residue of liquids and other particles that are poured down the drain. This can lead to bacteria build up in that area and spoiled residue which leads to a bad odor throughout your home. If the professional sewer & drain repair man tells you the he has fixed the sewer problem, there should be no more drainage issues in your home.

The Cost Is More Than Anticipated

If a sewer repair man in Birmingham, Alabama, comes to your home to do a routine sewer cleaning and then discovers that you will need a replacement of the entire system, there could be something more going on. Untrustworthy companies are always looking for ways to get more money. The bigger the scamming sewer repair company, the larger the cost that will be paid from your pocket. They will often prey on those most vulnerable populations like a younger adult, women or the elderly. They believe that these populations will not know if the system replacement is needed and will be less likely to question them.

An Estimate Cost That Is Extraordinarily High

When the Birmingham, Alabama repair man comes to your home, he will assess the damage as he sees it. There are some companies who encourage scams, by letting their repair men know that it is okay to increase the estimate and pricing of the sewer repair. The bottom line for these scamming sewer repair companies is making money and profits. A replacement of the system which is rare, should cost between $8000 – $10000. And this is the maximum amount that you should spend. However, these scam artists have been taught to prey upon those populations,like young adults, women and the elderly who do not understand why the estimate is so extraordinarily high.

Fake Sewer Camera Systems Videos That Show Damage From Someone Else

One piece of evidence that a sewer repair man uses as evidence of repairs needed is video footage. However, the scamming sewer repair man actually uses video footage taken from another home that had more severe sewer damage problems than you. Ask the sewer repair man to take video footage from your home as you stand and watch. This way you know that the video proof came directly from your home.

Insufficient Tools For The Job

If a sewer repair man brings a tool box for a major sewer repair, then you are prone to a scam. The repair man should understand the details and the magnitude of the job at hand and bring the correct equipment to get the job done properly.

As with everything, remember to do your homework. Ask a neighbor, friend or relative who has great technical skills about the problem first. Ask them personally what they think the problem could be and ask them to explain it to you in a way that you can understand. You may even ask this person to come over when the sewer repair man is in your home. Once you are able to summarize the problem to the repairman, he will know that he is dealing with someone who is knowledgeable and needs to be respected. This allows for a more successful sewer repair job that is done correctly and will not cause any problems in the near future.

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