Do you want your cell phone battery to charge faster? Here are the five smart tips to charge cell phones battery more quickly.

Does your cell phone battery take hours to charge? And You have no idea how to deal with it to improve the charging speed? Don’t worry; Cell Clinic is here with some proven tips to help.
It’s not possible to always be around an electrical outlet or charging station. Also, it’s frustrating to charge your cell phone frequently. How often you need to charge your cell phone depends mostly on the charge holding capacity of your cell phone’s battery. But, as far as the charging speed is concerned, there are some simple ways to boost the charging speed of your cell phone battery.

So, let’s not get into the jargons and proceed to the primary objective of this post.

Smart Ways To Charge Cell Phones Battery Faster

#1 Enable Airplane Mode

If you want to improve the charging speed of your cell phone, this is this first thing you should do. Network signal is one of the most significant power drawing factors. Fact is, the worse your signal is, the faster your cell phones battery will drain. Thus, if you’re living in an area with poor network signal, then it’s obvious that the charging time will increase as the signal will eat through your power as you charge.

To get rid of it, Cell Clinic recommends cell phone users to enable the Airplane Mode before plugging their cell phone in. It is reported that enabling airplane mode can boost the charging speed of your cell phone or mobile device by up to 25%.

To enable the Airplane mode, you need to swipe down to view the notification bar and then tap on Airplane Mode icon. Also, don’t forget to disable it once the battery of your cell phone gets 100% charged.

#2 Make Sure That You’ve Enabled The Charging Mode

Newer model cell phones come with an advanced option so that users can specify the connection type they want their device to make when they plug in a USB cable. Recent Android versions have this feature hidden in the developer options, and you will have to enable these options manually. Here is how to do this…

Step 1: Got to the “Settings” application and then select, “About Phone.”

Step 2: Tap seven times on Build Number to enable the Developer Options.
That’s it. You’ve successfully enabled the Developer Options.

Step 3: Go back to the “Settings” menu and then get into the Developer Options. Here you need to select “Charging” under the “Select USB configuration” menu.

#3 Use a Wall Socket

Are you using USB ports on your car or your computer? Well, these ports lead to much more inefficient cell phone charging experience.

Fact is, a non-wall socket USB port gives only 0.5A power output whereas a wall socket charging offers 1A power output. Amperage rating matters a lot when it comes to charging speed. 1A or 2A charging sources are always best when it comes to charging a phone faster. Low output power sources are not going to harm or damage your device, but if you want to charge cell phones battery more quickly, then you should use a wall socket.

#4 Say No To Wireless Charging

Cell Clinic never criticizes wireless charging technology – they entail only a few cables, and that’s something users can get on board with.

However, if the charging speed of the cell phone is your main priority, then you should avoid wireless charging. Wireless chargers are known to offer slower charging experience as compared to their wired counterparts. According to testings, wireless charging is 50% slower than wall chargers.

#5 Use Only High Quality Charging Cable

There are four separate cables inside a single charging cable – red, black, white and green. Red and black cables are for charging and white, and green cables are for data transfer purposes. The difference in quality between any of the two cables can lead to inefficient cell phone charging experience. The amperage capacity of charging cables (Red and Black) is determined from their size. A 24 gauze charging cable can carry 2 Amps and a 28 gauze charging cable can take around 0.5 amps. Most of the low-quality or cheap charging cables use 28 gauge charging cables (Red and Black) and thus results in slow charging speeds. So, Cell Clinic recommends that cell phone users always use a high quality charging cable to ensure fast charging.


We hope that these five simple tips to charge cell phones faster will help you to identify slow charging problems. If none of the above tips work for you, then either the battery of your cell phone is damaged, or there is some issue with the charging circuit/port of your cell phone. Visit Cell Clinic Vancouver or Cell Clinic Surrey to receive a free cell phone diagnosis, to find out what exactly is causing the slow charging issue of your phone.

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