Most people think of their pets as full-fledged family members and want to do everything possible to keep them safe, healthy and happy. Have you ever wondered if home security systems in Harmony can help keep your pets safe from intruders?

It just so happens that there are numerous ways home security systems can help protect your furry friends; here are five such ways.

1. Home security systems in Harmony help protect animals targeted by thieves. Burglars typically target small, high-value electronics, cash and jewelry, but given the opportunity, some thieves will make off with high-value pets as well.

In fact, exotic pets and birds, which are often small enough to be easily transported may be targeted by burglars as they try to maximize their gains. A monitored home security system that immediately alerts law enforcement when a break-in is detected can help reduce the chances of a thief making off with a beloved family pet care.

2. Smart home technology helps keep pets safe and healthy. Today, increasing numbers of home security systems in Harmony can be tied in with smart home technology, which helps homeowners manage lights, thermostats, and other home systems in an economically-efficient way. Some smart home sensors can alert homeowners if the temperature inside the home drops below or exceeds a certain level that could be dangerous to some family pets. Dogs, cats, and other pets can be harmed by extreme temperatures just as humans can, and smart home technology can help ensure that these temperature extremes are corrected.

3. Properly-aimed sensors prevent false alarms while maximizing safety. Many homeowners worry about dogs and cats tripping motion detectors and causing false alarms. While false alarms are a problem with some home security systems, those installed by trained and skilled professionals include properly-calibrated and properly-aimed sensors that lessen the chances of a pet triggering the system.

4. Home security systems in Harmony are a safety net to your pet sitter. Many pet owners choose to enlist the services of a pet sitter to care for pets while they’re away, to minimize stress on pets that may not do well when boarded in kennels. Those with home security systems can set up their system with a temporary access code that the pet sitter can use to enter the premises.

5. Window cling decals inform emergency personnel. People with home security systems in Harmony often place signs or decals on the premises warning potential burglars that the home is protected by a security system. In many cases, window decals are available with space homeowners can fill in to inform emergency responders that there are animals inside the home. This helps keep animals safe because emergency responders learn upon arrival to be on the lookout for family pets.

Most families consider their pets to be family members and want to do everything they can to keep them safe, healthy and happy. Home security systems in Harmony offer many protections that give pet owners added peace of mind of knowing that their beloved pets are less likely to be victims of burglary and are more likely to be rescued in the event of an emergency. To make sure your beloved pets have the protection they deserve, contact us today.

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