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Damage to sewer lines must be repaired as soon as is possible. Or else the problem may get magnified and lead to further complications in the drainage and sewage systems of the home, office or area.
For this, trenchless technology is now seen as the best possible manner of doing so. There are several reasons behind this. First and foremost, it is much faster. Other ways of sewer repair involve a larger scale of manpower use since a large portion of the top most part of the surface needs to be dug up. Due to this uprooting, at times one has to make do with electricity and water cuts as well for the duration when the work is done.
Large scale digging leads to a lot of stacking up of mud, grass and other top layer items. If it is a garden which is dug, it leads to temporary withholding of gardening activities. If it is road or roadside, traffic can be disrupted. Trenchless technology use will also levy less of a cost burden on those who are getting the work done. Last, but not the least, since the ingredients used for sewer repair do not rust, there is little chance of future damage to the portion which has been repaired.