Children are unique in that they have a wonderful ability to be fully present in what they do. They are acutely aware of smells, sounds and the way the world feels to their touch.

They notice things that adult don’t such as tiny bugs, shapes in the clouds and rocks at their feet that appear a little different from the rest. Today we’re going to talk about how children can find balance and mindfulness through yoga classes for kids.

Children who possess a greater capacity to access the stillness and presence of the immediate moment will become healthier in mind, body and spirit. Through mindfulness and yoga classes for kids, children are able to strengthen and preserve this skill, ensuring that important connections are strengthened and new ones are established.

Research in this area is growing rapidly, shedding light on the powerful behavioral, cognitive and physiological benefits to children that practice of mindfulness and yoga.

How Does Mindfulness and Yoga Benefit Children?

The effects of mindfulness and yoga classes for kids are measurable, with many studies indicating that they cause structural changes in the brain that strengthen and advance various qualities. They also treat and protect against an abundance of mental health symptoms. Here are some of the powerful and proven effects of mindfulness and yoga.

Emotional: When life becomes turbulent, mindfulness and balance can provide children with powerful skills to support themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, academically and socially. One of the ways mindfulness and yoga can do this is by cultivating an increased awareness of body, thoughts and emotions. With increased self-awareness, children have a greater capacity to manage their emotions and respond effectively and thoughtfully to situations, rather than reacting on impulse.

Self: Anything that can empower the children in our lives to take full flight is important. Mindfulness and yoga classes for kids not only boost self-acceptance, confidence, self-esteem and resilience, they also bring a long-lasting sense of calm to young bodies and minds.

Physical: Mindfulness and balance can bring about important physical changes in children, including improved posture, range of motion and strength. Being a kid takes a lot of energy – there’s so much to learn and do! But with a stronger immune system, better quality of sleep and diminished fatigue, aches and pains, they’ll be ready to rule the world. 

Mental: With mental health issues increasing, it’s more important than ever to fortify our children mentally. Mindfulness and balance have accumulated an impressive amount of evidence indicating their capacity to heal and protect against the symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. There is also building evidence suggesting that mindfulness and balance may have enormous potential to ease the symptoms of ADHD and autism.

Social: Mindfulness and balance are proven ways to nurture empathy, kindness, patience and compassion, which are the fundamental building blocks to forming close, successful relationships. Mindfulness and yoga classes for kids can also reduce aggression and empower children to respond to situations and people thoughtfully, without the high emotion that does damage.

Academic: Many schools are beginning to introduce mindfulness, encouraged by research that indicates its incredible potential to strengthen learning by improving the function of the brain. A key part of executive function is the ability to focus and concentrate, provide a considered response rather than an impulsive one and the mental playing with ideas necessary for finding solutions.

Mindfulness and yoga have been consistently proven to have a positive effect on children, as well as the capacity to provide them with skills and qualities that will nurture them well throughout their lives.  If you would like more information regarding our yoga classes for kids, please call or visit us today!

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