It is important to know that the recovery time after a knee replacement surgery is very vital to the success of the operation. Hence, what is to be taken care of is that your home or the place where you will be after your stay in the hospital is totally readied up to cater to certain things.
1.Try to declutter your living space so that there is enough room for a walker to fit in comfortably. For this purpose, you can remove some of the furniture in the rooms. Or even make sure that big items in the home are pushed to a corner so that there is space to move around in the centrAlso, all electrical and electronic cabling should be placed out of the way so that it does not get stamped upon by the walker.
2.Make sure that the house is in a spick and span shipshape before you go for surgery. For a while after it, you may not have the energy or the inclination to clean up the house properly. Hence, this task should be done beforehand. One can take certain other precautionary measures too like installing hand rails in the shower or the bathtub area.
3.Try to ease up the whole environ by making ramps in the steps leading to the house, if any. One can even get a set of non-slip socks which will help you move around without any footwear with ease and without the fear of slipping. Make sure you get a walking aid so that you are not left putting any undue pressure on your knee while walking around for daily chores and necessary activities.
Make it a point to get some night lights installed in the house at key junctures so that if you wish to reach the kitchen or the washroom at night, you do not face any mishap.
4.Try to plan out a recovery area within your living premises. For some time after surgery, you will need a lot of resting and sitting around without much movement. Get a sitting or a rocking chair which is very comfortable to be in. This chair should certainly have arms and a footrest even, preferably. One can easily go in for a reclining chair as well since one can lift up one’s legs too and rest them in this. This recovery area should be well fitted with things which you need regularly and for which you otherwise have to keep getting up.
5.If your room is on another floor in the house, try to shift into one of the rooms downstairs so that this does not become an issue for you. If you are living alone, try to get some help to stay with you for a few days so that someone is there in case any post-operative emergency arises and you need on the spot help for it.
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