warehouse pallet racks

Warehouse pallet racks are a blessing to the storage industry, by unifying the shape and transportability of almost every bulk good in America. Using the same sizes through the supply chain helps with efficiency in storage, during transport and in daily warehouse operations.

However, the efficiency savings don’t necessarily end there. Pallet racking offers a range of options to warehouse owners, with various configurations providing advantages in different scenarios.

Staying up to date with the latest trends in warehouse storage can help you to make better choices in order to optimize your space with warehouse pallet racks.

High-Density Pallet Racking

If you spend any time looking for warehouse pallet racks for sale online, you’ll have noticed high-density storage is an increasingly prevalent trend in the industry. This approach involves storing more in a given space.

The advantage of which is that it allows you to carry more stock, without increasing your fixed costs – namely rent.

Some high-density options for warehouse pallet racks include:

Mobile Racking – This option places your racks on wheels, which follow tracks laid into the ground. You can operate the units via a control panel, revealing the space needed to access a specific good.

The rest of the time, the racks will remain compressed together – this removes the need for all but a single aisle of access, offering massive density gains.

Pushback Racking – Deeper racks angled at an include to the access points allow you to push back pallets as you place another pallet on the front. It’s a simple system, potentially cutting aisle space by half, a third or more depending on your requirements.

This approach is suitable for first-in/last-out storage scenarios, so take care when employing it and managing your warehouse processes.

High-Turnover Pallet Racking – One great high-turnover option in warehouse storage happens to be a simple aisled layout. Giving yourself plenty of space for truck maneuver, access, and stock checking can be important to efficiency, particularly in unpredictable storage environments.

Other Approaches

There’s nothing wrong with taking a simple approach, as long as it works for your business However, consider some of the following options as excellent alternatives when making your decision:

Flow Pallet Racking – Much like pushback racking but a one-way system which sends pallets straight from loading bays to unloading bays. This first-in/first-out system applies to a great number of usage scenarios and can massively improve efficiency while, at the same time, offering tremendous storage-density gains.

Automated Retrieval – Modern technology offers systems which can automatically retrieve pallets from racks. Investing in an automated system can improve your turnover by working overtime, while your workers focus on transporting goods around the warehouse or to and from loading bays.

Tailored to Your Business

Whatever warehouse pallet racks you choose, always remember that there are systems out there which are right for the needs of your business. By consulting with an experienced storage hardware supplier, you can find a solution that perfectly caters to the specific requirements of your warehouse.

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