The selection criteria used to choose a competent criminal defense attorney in London Ontario is a key factor to ensure the right criminal lawyer will be defending the right client in the right way. Remember when selecting a criminal lawyer, you must ensure they fit your unique needs. Experience, depth of knowledge and capability are all prime elements in selecting a competent criminal lawyer. For example, during the consultation meeting or even during a brief phone call ask the criminal lawyer about their previous experience, knowledge base and capability in winning trials to gauge whether they have the capacity to pursue your unique defense case.

Technical know-how is another crucial component in the selection process. The ability to contact your criminal lawyer via email, text, call, and other technologies while being able to share documents in various technological platforms goes hand in hand with fostering a client friendly and efficient atmosphere. Is the lawyer readily available and responsive to messages? Maintaining a two-way responsive relationship between the client and lawyer will reduce communication delays and will keep both parties up to date on the trial proceedings and other background information. Teamwork and collaboration are essential criteria in finding a lawyer who fits your specific needs.

Think of the client-lawyer relationship as a collaborative-team in which both individuals have the same goal and work together to help reach that goal. Without working in a team setting it will be very difficult to reach the desired ends. Next, what is the winning criteria between cost and experience? Is it finding an inexpensive criminal lawyer? Or a highly seasoned and experienced lawyer no matter the cost? Or both? Be mindful that cost and experience form a trade-off relationship where as a criminal lawyer’s experience rises the costs tend to also rise as well and vice versa.

As a client it would be useful to determine beforehand the winning criteria between cost and experience. For example, focusing on a middle-range cost evaluation while aiming for a criminal lawyer with five or more years of experience. How confident does the criminal lawyer appear to be? Confidence is a dominant ingredient in all successful criminal trials. If a lawyer does not seem confident it is unlikely they will be successful in persuading a jury. Therefore, try to notice certain details during the consultation meeting to determine not only the confidence level of the criminal lawyer but how confident they are in the success of your case.

Although it is useful to gauge the competence of the criminal lawyer yourself, utilizing references and reading online reviews of previous trial outcomes and interactions with clients will provide external insight as to whether the criminal lawyer can offer a strong defense. Lastly, does the lawyer understand your situation and circumstances behind the case itself? The capability of the criminal lawyer to connect with you on a person-to-person level rather than a business-to-customer level will go a long way in fostering a mutually beneficial relationship and a better trial outcome. By adopting these selection criteria in searching for a competent criminal lawyer, you can be confident in finding a criminal lawyer who suits your needs.

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