Spider veins can be a horrifying sight for anyone. But if the spider veins are on the face of a person, they can become a nightmare very soon. Spider veins, also called the telangiectasia, is a condition wherein red/blue/purple veins, which are thread-like, tend to appear on the surface of one’s skin.

They are commonly known as spider veins because of the fact that they appear to be like spider webs. They can be present on any part of the human body- face, thighs, calves, buttocks, and ankles.

The most common and effective procedure for getting rid of spider veins is the laser therapy. The laser treatment for spider veins entails you being under anesthesia while the treatment goes on. The treatment is going to take less than an hour and is a simple procedure. A beam of light is used and focussed, which is targeted on the veins on your body parts which are affecting you.

The laser treatment for spider veins on the face is to be performed in a meticulous manner to make sure the laser beam does not damage other parts of your body. The laser is going to heat your spider veins and destroy them. This would happen in a time duration of about 4-5 weeks. Once the veins are destroyed completely, they are going to be reabsorbed into your body and would disappear permanently.

The laser treatment for spider veins on your face works in a simple yet complex manner. The laser beam tends to pierce through your skin and penetrate these veins. The heat that is generated then is going to make your blood vessels coagulate on the inside, which would then lead to them being collapsed and sealed. These will then be dissolved over a certain period of time and you will get, as a result, clear skin.

The laser treatment for spider veins on your face is not a painful procedure. However, some people might feel discomfort and therefore, we make it a point to use a local anesthesia on the area where the treatment is supposed to take place in order to numb the area. There might still be felt a tingling sensation when the laser beam and your skin would meet. Today, with all the advances in this field, the lasers already have certain cooling agents inside of them which could prevent discomfort and burns.

There are no major side-effects of the laser treatment for spider veins. There might be issues of redness on the skin for the next two days, and it will be gone after that. Also, there are no associated risks with your laser treatment. Measures will be taken to make sure your body parts, especially your eyes are covered at all times during the treatment.

After the treatment is over, you might see certain bumps on your skin, which would disappear within a couple of hours. But there are not going to any major side-effects or risks.

Advantages of laser treatment for spider veins:

●fewer side-effects
●less trauma to your surrounding skin and body parts.
●shorter time for treatment to be completed.
●less painful than other treatment methods
●Immediate recovery

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