The FairChild Industries has been a renowned name in the field of molded rubber and plastic parts for more than 50 years. Our team understands your needs like no other, is driven to serve you with best materials for all your machines and automobiles, and are interested in growth, of both yours and ours. We are a family owned company and hence treat all our customers like friends and family as well, and not give them automated voice messages like others.

Our products include rubber seals for your cars and doors. Rubber seals are flattened adhesive wires that stick along the edges of your car doors and other vehicle doors. They are typically made out of sponge EPDM and are widely popular in the automotive industries, agriculture industry, construction industry, truck bodies, etc.

Rubber seals provide you protection against water, excess noise, dust, dirt and pollution from entering into your vehicles. However, due to excess usage, the seal might wither away, break down or even shrink. No matter how hard you try to glue it together, it would not stick. This can be fixed in a very simple manner.

  1. You will need to open the vehicle door and locate the seam of the seal. The point from where it is joined is called the seam. It is usually located on the bottom when you open the door.
  2. Next thing you will have to do it to pull it up or pry it off with the help of your hands. Certain seals are screwed to the car, so you will need to remove the screws to pry it off. However, cars having plastic connectors can pry off very easily, unlike the screwed ones.
  3. Once the seal has pulled off, you will now be able to see the place where the seal was actually joined. This place will most probably look like it has been glued together. The area where you see the seal glued together is the easiest area to cut the seal.
  4. Since the seal has no metal inside of it, it is very easy to cut with the help of a razor or a pair of heavy duty scissors. It is flexible and not hard or rigid at all.
  5. Cut out all bits and pieces of the seal still remaining. Clean out all the dust off. Also, remove the adhesive left off.
  6. Now, you will need to apply the adhesive again on the area where the seal tends to be attached and to the bottom area as well. The adhesive will take about 5-7 minutes to set a bit.
  7. Taking the new seal, you will now have to carefully inch by inch attach it back in an appropriate position. It must be made sure that outer seal is attached first, and then the inner seal.
  8. You will need to keep the window of your vehicle open for a while because the seal will take some time to fix itself.
  9. After the adhesive has dried out and the seal now fixed, you can now finally replace the screws of the seal as well.

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