Barrett Guns

It’s impossible to discuss Barrett guns without talking about the revolutionary work on large caliber rifles that made the company famous. With a reputation for excellence that has continued for more than 35 years, Barrett’s firearms are sought after, and used by, militaries in over 40 countries.


In 1982, Ronnie Barrett worked as a photographer and was taking pictures of a military boat that had .50 caliber machine guns. He became intrigued to see if it was possible to fire a .50 BMG bullet from a rifle. Until that time, people scoffed at the thought of a shoulder-fired .50 BMG, saying there was no need.

So, with a good deal of experienced help, the rifle was built from his own drawings and the rifles sold, at first due to being rare and exotic. The company quickly gained a reputation for innovation, design, and reliability. In the late 80s, the company had won contracts to supply two different militaries.

Now, the company continues in the spirit that it began by creating and improving heavy caliber firearms for both military and domestic usage.

M82 Sniper Rifle

The M82 is the rifle that started everything, the revolutionary sniper rifle that influenced the outcomes of several wars in the late 80s and early 90s. It’s a semi-automatic that uses the recoil to cycle the action and reduce the impact of the recoil on the shooter.

It’s a massive rifle, coming in a 59 inches long and a whopping 32.2 pounds when unloaded. The M82 fires both the .50 BMG and the .416 Barrett calibers, and uses a 10 round magazine for continuous fire.


A newer model, the M107A1 features the latest technology to reduce the weight and increase shooting comfort without compromising on distance or impact. Lighter, more accurate, and stronger, this model takes advantage of the wealth of knowledge and feedback given on older models for improvement.

One notable feature is the thermal cheek guard that protects the skin from extreme temperatures. Coming in at 57 inches and 28.7 pounds, it has managed to shed some weight since the M82.

The Fieldcraft

The Fieldcraft is a lightweight, bolt action rifle that is designed for hunting and can take a variety of calibers. With an overall length of 44.3 inches, and weighing between 5 and 6 pounds, depending on the chambering you select, this rifle is a hunter’s prayers answered. It comes with Talley scope mounts, two-position safety, and scaled actions for better grip.

While their range isn’t as large as some you may have seen, the quality is one of the best. When looking at Barret guns for sale, remember that s maker’s reputation is one of the most critical factor when deciding on what to buy, and Barrett is known for excellence.

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