For those searching for one of the most durable knives available, make sure you add to your list the Zero Tolerance titanium knife. Made with a titanium handle and locking mechanisms, these knives offer high-end stainless steel blades.

Though you may wonder, why should you be impressed by the presence of titanium? After all, there are mixed reviews for knives that are made solely from titanium. That’s because titanium has a place, both as a knife blade and as a handle. If you understand the properties of it, then you can make an informed choice.

Properties of Titanium

Titanium is a material as strong as steel, but less dense, so to use it in a knife, it requires alloys, just like steel. As a handle, it offers a lighter weight option to G10 that is far stronger.
It’s not magnetic, doesn’t conduct electricity very well, and withstands extreme temperatures better than steel. It’s tough, has excellent corrosion resistance, but can be difficult to put an edge on for a blade.


This metal is virtually indestructible and very light. If the blade has a thick titanium coating which is properly sharpened, you could go weeks or months before needing to sharpen it again.
Impervious to corrosion, it can be used, given a careless clean and tossed into a bag, only to be removed weeks later with no signs of corrosion or rust. It’s able to withstand extreme heat and cold and isn’t magnetic. This metal is also won’t be damaged by saltwater.


Difficult to sharpen, and doing it yourself can result in ruining the edge, or your sharpening materials. Best to get it done professionally. As a blade, it’s very lightweight, which can make it difficult to use for tasks where you need a heavier blade to provide leverage.

While it’s one of the most commonly found metals, its very strength and toughness can make it difficult to work with, so fully titanium knives tend to be expensive.

Common Uses

Perfect for those who spend significant amounts of time around water, or performing jobs where the blade needs to be cleaned often. Divers, anglers, and hunters may find a fully titanium knife preferable, for its corrosion resistance and tough blade.

Navy SEALs have been using titanium knives on missions for years, and if it’s good enough for the military.
Titanium is often used for folding knife handles, and for the inner workings of folding knives. Those small, moving parts are often the most difficult to care for, and stainless steel parts will rust eventually. With titanium, minimal work and care would be needed.

While there are a number of knives with titanium used as a coating, if you look at a Zero Tolerance titanium knife for sale, you know you’re getting a quality product.

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