LED boat docking lightsFor anyone navigating at night, LED boat docking lights are a helpful upgrade to have installed on your boat. LED boat docking lights can increase your visibility on the water after dark, as well as assist you when pulling in to port once the sun has gone down. With LED boat docking lights, there is no more need to return to shore before the day is done!

While many boaters prefer to have a professional handle all dock lighting installations, anyone with the right materials basic skills can install their own LED boat docking lights.

Tip 1: Read the installation instructions carefully before beginning.

It is important to read the installation instructions carefully before beginning. This ensures you are capable of doing the job and have the proper materials and tools to complete the job without having to make a run to the marine supply store mid-installation.

Tip 2: Have the right materials and tools on hand before you begin.

Dock lighting installations are not complicated, but you need to have the proper materials and tools available before you start installing your LED boat docking lights. Be sure you have whatever hand tools, power tools, marine grade sealants, electrical wiring, and connectors that are outlined in the installation instructions.

Tip 3: Protect the paint.

Gel coat is expensive, and nobody wants to repaint their boat unnecessarily. Before making any cuts or drilling any holes, lay masking tape down on the working surface to protect it from inadvertent dings, nicks, or scratches. Use a grease pencil, not a standard pencil, when marking the placement of your LED boat docking lights.

Tip 4: Measure twice.

Nothing is worse than cutting or drilling an unnecessary hole in your boat! Before using any power tools, determine the approximate position of the LED boat docking lights. Consider aesthetics, what access to the inside of the hull is required, and the curve of the bow, so the lights shine straight ahead. Keep in mind that boats ride slightly bow up, so be sure your dock lighting installations include a slight downward angle.

Tip 5: Drill and cut carefully.

Check the placement of your installation template before any cutting or drilling. When you are confident that everything is correct, begin by drilling the larger holes that will accept your jigsaw blade. Then drill holes for the mounting screws. Finally, use your jigsaw to cut the larger hole.

Tip 6: Use the right stuff

While it can be tempting to use what you have lying around, it is important to have the proper materials for all dock lighting installation. This includes marine grade silicone, stainless steel hardware, and marine electrical wiring.

If all else fails, call an expert

If this sounds like too big of a job, don’t hesitate to call the professionals! When an expert performs a job like this, often it comes with a warranty or satisfaction guarantee. You may pay a bit more than doing it yourself, but you can’t put a price on peace of mind!

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