If you’re interested in business workflow automation, it’s important to understand what to expect from the products you’re interested in trying, and to get the right features. So, in this article, we’ll take a look at 7 must-have features that every great business workflow automation software should have. Let’s get started!

1. Process Modeling Capabilities

One of the most powerful features included in modern business workflow automation software is the ability to model processes in the software itself –and map out their interactions, dependencies, and functions. Process modeling helps you identify the processes which can be automated to save you the most time, so this feature is highly-desirable.

2. Simple, Drag-And-Drop Form Creation Tools

Forms are at the heart of business workflow automation. An intuitive and easy-to-use form helps you collect the right data at the right time, and ensures that your employees are efficient. Drag-and-drop form creation tools allow you and your employees to easily create new forms and test each form –to identify the ones that are the most effective.

3. A Cloud-Based Architecture

The cloud is king. Cloud-based systems are location independent, offer unbeatable uptime and reliability, and are often cheaper, because you pay for them on a month-by-month basis per user, rather than having to purchase individual licenses.

4. Support For KPI Reporting And Analytics

You need to be able to set your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in the software, to ensure that you can meetyour organizational goals. In addition, a business workflow automation software with support for data analytics is very helpful, and can aid you in gathering new business insights.

5. Robust Role-Based User Management Tools

You want to make sure that each person has permissions to view data and make changes based on their role, and that your software supports this. Lower level employees should have fewer permissions –while business workflow automation administrators may need full permissions.

6. Support For Pre-Filled Forms

Pre-filled forms can save you an enormous amount of time when automating your processes. Consider which fields are most often filled out with the same information, and pre-fill it to make the automation process easier.

7. Task Status Alerts And Notifications

Most workflow processes require manual input to begin the next step of the process –so a software with visual notifications and alerts about the status of each step can be very beneficial. Email updates are also handy, and serve as helpful status reminders.

Find The Right Business Automation Software Now!

All of these features are great to have, and can help you streamline your processes more efficiently, and guide your future automation strategy. So find a business workflow automation software that supports these functions –and more –and you’re sure to make the right choice for your company

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