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Small business owners and entrepreneurs alike have been faced with largely difficult marketing challenges since the turn of the century. The early 2000s witnessed the inception of numerous technological innovations that shook up the business landscape on a global scale. The dot-com bubble led to unsurpassed growth for online services and technology, and users scrambled to take advantage of the newfound capabilities of the online world.

After the internet boom, marketers were required to transition their traditional marketing methods into online marketing practices in an effort to stay relevant and competitive. Online marketing requires businesses to know what their customers want, and know exactly how to deliver it to them. There are numerous online avenues that marketers can employ to reach new prospective customers. Some of these online channels are more effective than others. These various channels that allow access to different types of online users are known as marketing channels. In the business world, using a wide variety of online marketing channels is essential to achieving overall success.

Popular Online Marketing Channels

Listed below are some of the most popular and effective online marketing channels available. Utilizing a proper mixture of these channels will ensure that marketers reach a wide audience. Businesses and marketers who take advantage of these various channels, as well as some of the other available online marketing channels,  will have a high success of increasing online traffic and generating sales.

Email Marketing

Sending emails to prospective customers is a great way for businesses to generate leads. This online channel is known as email marketing, and when utilized properly it can be highly effective for businesses. Engaging written content delivered in an appealing and easy to navigate package is an excellent option for marketers looking to build their online presence.

Accessing this online channel has never been easier thanks to email marketing services such as Constant Contact and MailChimp. These services help marketers send out automatically generated emails such as monthly newsletters. These services are also capable of tailoring individual mailing lists for the business’s specific needs. Automated email newsletters are often ignored and sent straight to a user’s junk mail, but when used properly they can yield positive results for online advertisers.

Affiliate Marketing

Another powerful channel for businesses looking to market their online products is affiliate marketing. This two-fold system allows online content creators to profit from advertising businesses products, giving them a commission in exchange for promoting the businesses product or service.

This opportunity gives business the ability to reach a whole new audience of potential customers. This is a popular option for businesses who want other online users to market their products for them. This enables marketers the option to reach entirely new batches of online users and benefit from the audience that other online content creators have established. This is an effective online marketing channel and is widely used by reputable and successful online marketers throughout the industry.

Social Media Marketing

In recent times, arguably the most effective online marketing channels for businesses is social media marketing. Social media marketing allows businesses and advertisers to promote their goods and services on the incredibly popular social media platforms currently in use today. Some of these social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. These marketing channels boast incredibly large users bases, and the opportunities for businesses to generate growth here is incredible.

Users are able to share their favorite products and services with their friends and family while online. The endless opportunities for promotion and cross-promotion have made social media marketing an attractive option for online marketers and advertisers. Some online users have been able to attribute a majority of their new online traffic to social media platforms. These platforms are quite possibly the most important online marketing channel currently available. As popularity for social media platforms continues to increase, so will the need for effective and engaging uses of social media marketing channels.

To ensure success in the vast online marketplace available to consumers, businesses need to build a powerful and strong online presence. In order to build a successful online presence, user’s online marketing campaigns will need to utilize a combination of the various available online marketing channels. Some of the channels listed above have proven to be very successful for online marketers trying to build their brand. Online marketers who are familiar with all of the popular marketing channels have the greatest likelihood of achieving success. Because these are not all of the available online marketing channels, its best for businesses to find an experienced online marketing consultant who can fit their needs.

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