Ar-15 Gun

AR-15 rifles have been popular for decades, and for good reason. They come in a variety of calibers, they are very customizable and easy to build, sometimes called the Lego of firearms, they are quite accurate depending on the caliber, and they are overall very reliable. Tons of torture tests show this gun’s high-reliability rate.


The rifle is most commonly used with an intermediate power cartridge, such as the .22 cal. It has negligible recoil thanks to its recoil buffer and is easy to shoot. The inline design improves comfort and accuracy by placing everything in line with the shooter’s shoulder. The collapsible stock variants allow the rifle to fit shooters of every size and stature. The modern AR-15 is made of lightweight materials, such as aluminum, plastics, and alloys, as opposed to the classic wood and steel. Steel is only used in small amounts where extra strength is needed.


Designed in 1956 by Armalite, the Armalite Rifle, or AR-15, is the ancestor of the M-16, the standard U.S. military rifle. Save for the M-16’s auto-fire feature, the two guns share identical controls, ammunition and maintenance regimens, and sight adjustments and picture. This similarity makes generations of retired soldiers familiar with the AR mechanism, increasing the rifle’s popularity, adding an air of nostalgia as well.

Versatile and Low Maintenance

The Lego of rifles offers great versatility for a low price. With just one AR type lower receiver, a user can acquire several stocks, upper assemblies, scopes, and more, and swap them up according to what the occasion is asking for. It can be easily transformed from a hunting gun to a high power competition gun, to a long-range target shooter. And it can all be done at home, following simple instructions from a manual or even a YouTube video. The AR-15 can do and be so many things, and it’s so fun to play with, it’s like the Swiss army knife of rifles.

The AR-15 is safe and easy to shoot and makes a great gun for new shooters. Ammunition is abundant and affordable, which is a great plus. It requires little maintenance, and it’s reliable under most weather conditions. It’s an ever-growing market, with lighter, stronger, cheaper, or better-performing rifles coming out at a fast-paced rate.

Final Word

Whether you’re curious to try an AR-15 rifle for the first time or you’re an experienced shooter who knows the value and virtues these guns possess, come take a look at our listing. Our store has a variety of AR-15 rifles for sale online for unbeatable prices. Give it a try, and perhaps you’ll find the AR-15 is the best, most practical, and most reliable gun you’ve ever owned.

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